CINEMA 4D Release 15

Advertising, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Some work examples from my third year in the marketing team at as their communication designer.
I designed and finalized the Cinema 4D product designs and their keyvisuals for advertising and marketing materials and was involved in many marketing decisions concerning the face of MAXON.
▲ pre-press, layout, design ▲
Cinema 4D Release 15 packshot-design with clear coat printed on the front to support the new 'Bevel' function in the version.
Rendered by © Glen Johnson
DVD and Inlay Design
▲ pre-press, layout, design ▲
12 Pager-Magazine
▲ pre-press, layout, design ▲
Artwork by © Glen Johnson (synth), © Valentino Szemere – (flower), © Victor M. Jiménez – (moped)
Demo DVD-Case
▲ pre-press, layout, design ▲
Artwork on left site by © Soonyup Song - (car), © Dimitris Katsafouros (head)
Quickstart Release 15
▲ pre-press, layout, design ▲
Artwork on left page by © Marco Dattilo –
IBC 2013 - design for exhibition
▲ pre-press, layout ▲

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